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Proudly Serving Southeast Florida including Pompano Beach, Coral Springs, West Palm Beach, Parkland & Fort Lauderdale
we guarantee all work
we guarantee all work
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A Trusted Commercial Refrigeration Contractor in Southeast Florida

A restaurant is nothing without quality ingredients, and a look at any professional kitchen will reveal thousands of dollars' worth of food. As meat, dairy and other perishables await preparation, it’s important that they remain at a proper temperature to prevent spoilage, which is why a quality commercial refrigerator is an integral component to any culinary operation. Whether you’re setting up a new eatery or you simply require an upgrade to your old equipment, you need an experienced partner to handle the installation and maintenance of your refrigerators. De Luca Air Conditioning has worked with Southeast Florida restaurants and other business owners since 1967, and we’re ready to help meet all of your refrigeration needs.
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Specializing in Repair and Maintenance Services

When a homeowner experiences a refrigerator issue, it can be a mild inconvenience, but it usually only involves the loss of a few hundred dollars' worth of food. Since restaurants deal in a much larger volume, it’s not uncommon for losses to stretch into the high thousands, with even higher amounts if specialty ingredients are involved. As a trusted commercial refrigeration repair specialist, you can call us if one of your units is not staying cold, and we’ll conduct a thorough evaluation to see if the problem is caused by leaking seals, low refrigerant levels or some other complication.
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Close to Pompano Beach and Coral Springs

If you own a restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, Coral Springs, or Parkland, call De Luca Air Conditioning for expert service on your commercial refrigeration units. Don’t put your valuable inventory at risk by ignoring small problems or falling behind on your regular maintenance schedule. To have one of our technicians work on your refrigerator or learn about our other services, such as water source heat pump installation, call our Southeast Florida office at 305-653-0770 today.
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